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Updated: VNA Year End Reminders Regarding PTO

Released: 12/3/2018

The attached PTO Benefit Action Request Forms give employees options for 2018 PTO for Year End.

If a form is not submitted by the due date, PTO hours will be placed in automatic order depending on your job position (see contract or form for details.)

CWA 1122 Union 20 Forms are due by December 8th - details pg. 59 in contract

SEIU Home Health Aides Forms are due by December 15th details on pg. 28 in contract

Non-exempt hourly employees Forms are due by December 31st

Final day to accrue PTO in 2018 is 12/22/2018. Both Christmas Day and New Years Day are included in 1st Pay Period of 2019.

You can mark in specific hours or mark in your order of choices Ex) #1 Buy back, #2 Carry over #3 ESB.

Forms are attached, in contracts and can be found in HR.

Please submit to VNA Human Resources Department.

CWA 1122 Union 20

SEIU Home Health Aides

Non-Exempt Hourly Employees