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Flu Shot News for Clinicians and Employees

Released: 10/1/2021 6:00:00 AM


Flu shots are ready to go and we can start the flu campaign for our patients.

Remember: There is no need for an order to actually provide the vaccine to our patients as it is covered under the mass immunization order that we have on file by our medical director.* However, we should have an order to administer the vaccine (do not send to MD) in order to create the scheduling ability if that is the only reason for the visit. Of course, we would ideally like it to be a part of our regularly scheduled nursing visit.

*Our standing order covers age 9 and up. Patients ages 4-8, you will need to obtain a patient specific order from their physician.

Use service Code: SN FLUN.

The process for distributing the vaccine will remain the same as last year. Please note the process attached in obtaining the cooler, freezer packs and the vaccine.

Branches: The distribution of vaccine will be handled through your branch managers.

Insurance coverage for the flu vaccine:

  • Medicare
  • Independent Health
  • Univera
  • Over 65 patients not covered under these insurances can be vaccinated under the Ralph Wilson Fund (please specify Ralph Wilson on the consent form)

Upon completion of the visit and administration of the vaccine, a Completed Patient consent form should promptly be returned to cubicle #WS-119 outside of the pharmacy department, directly across from Jillís office. (Erie county). Branches please return to designated spot in your branch office, then interoffice to Erie ATTN: Pharmacy/Jill.

The timely billing of the procedure is dependent on your timely submission of the consent back to the Pharmacy department. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The vaccines being given this year are:

  • Under 65: Flucelvax (Sequiris), or Fluarix (GSK). These are both a Quad, a preservative free, latex free and can be given to anyone age 4 and over.
  • 65 and older: Fluad Hi-dose (preservative free). This year the high-dose vaccine has 4 strains in it (quad). Previous years high dose only had 3 strains, so this year there is better coverage.

Please circle the correct type of vaccine provided to the patient. Due to shortages of the vaccine, pharmacy may order in another brand. If not pre-printed on the consent form, please hand write in the name and manufacturer.

Also, it is imperative that you fill out the entire consent to completion. Signatures and R/L deltoid are commonly missed and could result in the insurance not paying us for all your hard work!

The pneumonia vaccine process is also attached as reference.


You may vaccinate all members of the household under our guidelines.

PT primary cases: Therapy staff email the nurse manager and CSS to schedule the shot. Once assigned to a nurse the nurse will follow steps 1-3 in the attachment.

As we are always focused on vaccinating and caring for our patients, do not forget that we, too, as health care providers are required to be vaccinated or complete a declination. Please discuss with your manager for any questions.

Clinical supervisors, support staff and managers will participate in vaccinating clinicians within our organization this year, though there will be 2 VNA Erie clinics set up for vaccination. These will be sent in a coming eNews.

Branches: Please note your managers will set up time within your office. See your manager for details.

Any questions, please contact Jill Pogodzinski at JPogodzinski@KaleidaHealth.Org or (716) 630-8251.