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Tips from the VNA Safety Committee

Released: 11/11/2021

Slips, trips and falls are not limited to winter time when there is ice and snow! A recent review at our summer Safety Committee meeting noted that they continue all year round!

A trip or fall can occur anytime, anyplace, and any season! Stay aware, stay focused and stay safe!

Common causes for slips and trips in and out of our VNA work place: 

  • Wet or oily surfaces, dry floors with dust or powder 
  • Occasional spills
  • Weather hazards (rain, sleet, snow, ice) 
  • Loose, poorly anchored rugs or mats 
  • Flooring or other walking surfaces that do not have the same degree of traction in all areas (uneven floor surfaces, sloped walking surfaces - could be sidewalks, driveways, hallways) 
  • Inadequate lighting (home or office) that may limit vision and direction 
  • Shoes with wet, muddy, greasy or oily soles 
  • Ramps without skid-resistant surfaces

Some tips from the VNA Safety Committee for preventing slips and trips this season: 

  • Proper shoe fitting and condition 
  • Immediate response and reporting of potential hazards- spills, cables, cords, lighting, clutter, walkway obstacles to name a few. Please report any hazardous observations to the attention to your Manager. For clinicians, please discuss your observations with the patient and make a note in the chart under "safety alert note" so that others following will have an awareness.
  • Control behavior by limiting distractions such as being in a hurry, running, not watching where you are going, using your phone while walking, carrying materials which obstruct your vision, wearing sun glasses in low-light areas, etc. Plan ahead when possible and stay focused.

Please continue to send concerns or suggestions to the