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VNA Completes Stage 2 Audit on Path to ISO Certification

Released: 5/27/2022 6:00:00 AM

VNA will become the first home care organization ever to be independently ISO-certified

I am very pleased to announce that the Visiting Nursing Association has successfully completed the second phase in our ISO journey and will be recommended to receive ISO certification in the coming weeks!

Two surveyors from DNV (one clinician and one generalist) conducted the stage-two audit for VNA at the Erie Branch main headquarters over the past two days. Both are experts in ISO and were very excited to see ISO standards applied in home health care at the VNA.

The survey process included a review of our Quality Management System (QMS) by asking questions, talking with employees and leadership, and reviewing our work processes. There was also extensive review of our physical environment, including pharmacy and warehouse. The types of process reviewed included everything from after-hours coverage, to emergency preparedness, to product storage and equipment maintenance, for example. They looked specifically at areas where we have active process improvement plans, and had a chance to observe and speak with staff about these initiatives as well.

Our QMS includes processes that support our clinical functions and that means every part of the VNA’s business, not just clinical care. The surveyors were extremely impressed by all of the great work that the VNA does and noted that everyone they spoke with clearly understood the importance of their role in the organization and the work that we do. They were very complimentary of the engagement and commitment of our staff and the pride that people take in their jobs.

We received three minor non-conformities, or areas for improvement, that will strengthen a couple of our warehouse processes and are not considered serious. Most importantly, the surveyors indicated that they felt the VNA demonstrated commitment to the principles of ISO and plan to recommend that the VNA become ISO-certified.

Next steps include completion of a corrective action plan after we receive our final report, which we expect to happen in the next couple of weeks. Soon thereafter we will receive the official certification and will plan to celebrate this success publicly! We will continue to have annual surveys by DNV as part of our commitment to ISO standards

This accomplishment reflects all of the excellent and hard work that all of you do to support our mission of caring for patients in the community. When VNA receives our ISO certification we will become the first home care organization ever to be independently ISO-certified!

The ISO survey process is designed to have an outside, standard-setting national organization recognize our efforts in improving quality, the patient experience and our overall operations.

Thank you and congratulations to the whole team for a very successful survey and for all that you do for the VNA and our patients every day.

DNV is an independent expert in quality assurance and risk management, and provides both accreditation and certification for many organizations in different industries globally. This organization surveys our hospitals for compliance with Medicare conditions of participation as well as ISO standards.

Lisa C. Greisler
Visiting Nursing Association of WNY/VNA Home Care Services