Medical Professionals

Get the VNA Advantage

  • Experienced home health nurses serving as liaisons in most area hospitals
  • Liaisons also work with many local nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities
  • The liaison team assists physicians and discharge planners in planning the transition from hospital to home

Easy Referrals

The VNA's Centralized Referral Intake Department is designed to make Patient referrals as easy and efficient as possible. We aim to help your patients through the referral process, coordinating all referrals and admissions for all services offered by both the VNA and VNA Home Care Services.

  • Referrals may be called in to our Referral Intake Dept during normal business hours which are from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 4:30 pm on weekends.
  • Faxed referrals are accepted 24/7 and will be processed during normal business hours. Fax the below information to 716-630-8700
  • For urgent issues, the VNA has staff on call 24/7 that can be reached by calling (716)630-8000

THANK YOU for choosing the VNA of WNY to provide in home care for your patients.

In an attempt to reduce the number of phone calls, we are asking that the following 3 pieces of information are included with your referrals. These three items are required by CMS for us to see your patients.

Demographic face sheet

  • Name, patient address, insurance, contact phone number, DOB, emergency contact, etc.

"Face to Face" (F2F) documentation

  • This can be the last visit note that references the reason the patient requires home care.
  • The patient must have been seen by a provider within the last 90 days from when we see the patient. We can't accept the referral until the patient sees their provider (physician, DPM, NP, or PA allowed).
  • The F2F visit needs to be based on an in person visit or video visit (phone calls don't quality) and visit documentation must have a provider signature or electronic signature. This note usually will usually include PMH and current medications.

Medical diagnosis

  • CMS requires us to have documentation of the underlying medical diagnosis (not symptoms) for why we are seeing the patient.
  • For example, we can no longer use debility, weakness, repeated falls, etc. as a diagnosis. We must have the underlying diagnosis causing the issues such as CHF 150.9, Parkinson's G20, or Arthritis with joint and side. Wounds must be specific in terms of site, side, and stage.

Fax this information to (716) 630-8700